Mother-Daughter Tea Party


The party was a complete success!  It looked absolutely beautiful!  The table looked exquisite and I was very happy with the way it turned out!  I have to get a few more pictures of the things that were there.  I was running out of time to get everything done before my guests arrived!

My beautiful precious daughter!

Skylar's best friend, Lily

Tea Party Friends

PB & J Sandwiches for the kiddos

Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Beautiful and Yummy Petit Fours

The gifts I created for the mom's to take home


We are less than a week away from this event and the little girls are very excited!  I am almost completely done with the placemats, I don’t think the table runners are gonna make it!  LOL  But I tested it out on my dining room table and I don’t think the table runner would fit with the placemats on it.  I still have to make the gift bags, but the items are already purchased.  I just need some pretty organza for them and for the backs of the chairs.  I have most of the menu planned out as well.  I am planning on starting the petite fours on Tuesday because they take almost 4 hours to complete.  We’ll be having tea sandwiches as well.  I bought this absolutely adorable Princess Tea Party book and will be making some of the things in there for the little girls to eat.  Like heart shaped tea sandwiches, heart rice krispie treats and Italian sodas.  Skylar’s dress is bought and hanging in her closet!  I just need some tights and white shoes.  I will be posting pictures as I complete the things I have yet to finish!


I have been wanted to host a tea party for the last few months, but with all the holiday activities that go on, it was just too much.  I absolutely love Valentine’s Day because of the beautiful decorations and the colors.  I definitely love Christmas and Easter more because of what they represent.  But I am very excited about this party!  I talked it over with one of my best friends, Alicia.  I told her that I was torn between doing it for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.  I already am planning two parties in May, three would put me nearly insane.  She voted for Valentine’s Day, so that’s what I’m doing!  She is a genius at making card and paper crafts and is making the invites, place cards and thank yous!  I am so excited to see them!

Much like Skylar’s birthday party, I love making things look and feel exquisite without the millionaire price tags.  I scour the internet getting ideas, deals and coupons.  I love making my own decorations and food.  This party is nothing different!  I found a gorgeous pattern for tablerunners and I’m going to shorten the parttern to make placemats for each person coming.  I’m making a table runner for it as well.  I purchased placecard holders that I will be filling with pink and white Jelly Belly beans.

Placecard Holders

It should look really beautiful when its all complete and set up!  I absolutely love the Martha Stewart and Disney Family Fun websites.  I’m a huge fan of things that look absolutely stunning that don’t cost very much!  These two websites are pretty amazing!

The centerpiece is coming from the Martha Stewart website along with a few other decorations and recipes.  I am planning on making the Romantic Candles and heart wreath.  Skylar and I made the Heart Suncatchers and Handmade heart doilies today.  We’ll be making paper chains to drap all over the house next week!

From the Martha Stewart website
Romantic Heart Candles
Heart Wreath
Heart Suncatchers
Handmade Heart Doilies

The food will be absolutely stunning (I hope)!  Skylar and I will be making petits fours, Eat Your Heart Out jello, shortbread cookies, conversation hearts fudge, Cupid Cupcakes, shaped bread and of course, chocolate!  I am ordering exotic tea from  They have an amazing selection of teas that I’ve never even heard of!  What better time to try them that at a fanciful little tea party!

These will have red icing hearts on top
Eat Your Heart Out
Shortbread Heart Cookies
Cupid Cupcakes

We also will be giving out party favors to the mom’s that come.  I purchased most of these items from eBay at a killer deal!  I purchased mismatched tea cups with matching saucers and will be filling them with a heart shaped tea steeper, teapot shaped measuring tape and chocolate, all wrapped in beautiful organza tied with pink satin ribbons!

I designed chair back decorations to give it an extra special feel!  I’m tying pink organza to around the back of my chairs and tying it in a big bow.  Under the bow is tied beautiful dark pink satin ribbon hanging down the back of the chair.

But a party like this wouldn’t be complete without the outfits to go with it!  I order Skylar a beautiful pagent dress off eBay (don’t worry, brand new it cost me $8.90.) and I haven’t decided what I will wear.  Skylar will have gloves, hat and purse to complete her ensamble because in the 1950’s when tea parties like this were all the rage, attandants dressed to the nine to enjoy sunshine, friends and tea!

Pagent Dress

And of course, I will add a post after the party with pictures!

One response to “Mother-Daughter Tea Party

  1. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the actual tea. Missed being there.

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